Project / Event Logistics
PGS Project Logistics services are customized for each individual assignment, to satisfy these often complex tasks. Our specialist teams use the creativity and skills that come from long experience in the field. Anything heavy, oversized or planning a complicated event gets our special attention.

Project Logistics
Project Logistics provides complete service of entire large-scale, heavy-lift projects. Whether the assignment is for Mining, Marine or Oil-Gas industry, PGS Logistics will plan, manage and undertake special logistics of any scale from start to finish. PGS's project team is specialized and trained to provide you technical and pricing advices to ship, pack, store and handle your shipments secured and affordable to the final destination.

Event, Exhibition and Fair Logistics
Our Team is experienced in the art of exhibitions, conferences and events. Using local and global knowledge, PGS Logisticsoffers a complete range of transport, documentation and logistics solutions and services.PGS Logistics has its dedicated team to listen, understand and look after all needs, whether for the organizer, exhibitor or supplier. Nothing is left to chance and every job is carefully planned, handled and packaged to ensure customer satisfaction.