Francesco Parisi S.p.A (Introduction)

Francesco Parisi S.p.A.

is a Shipping and Freight Forwarding Group of Companies established by
Mr. Francesco Parisi
( 1778- 1813 ) in Trieste and present in Central Europe since 1807.


Until the First World War, Trieste was the main port of vast economic region belonging to the Austro / Hungarian empire. Indeed, this fact helped Francesco Paisi Group to expand its activities to Central Europe.
Over the years, Francesco Parisi Group has established business ties in the world's most important markets and covers Far East with its own joint venture offices of Parisi Grand Smooth Logistics Ltd and PGS Logistics.
The Company is controlled and managed from the origin by the Parisi family - now the eighth generation in business. The main feature of the Francesco Parisi Group is the tailor - made solution for every possible logistic requirement of its customers in the supply chain.
Europa Multipurpose TerminalsEuropa Multipurpose Terminals was established by Francesco Parisi Group in the year 2010 and operates on Pier VI in the port of Trieste with a 25 years concession (2012-2034).
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